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North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: (308)-532-4840

 Knapp Electric has the diagnostic tools, knowledge, repair capabilities and a large inventory of quality products to ensure a quick turn around on electrical services and repairs.

Electrical Service and Repair we provide:
  • AC/DC Drive Repair
- Include Drive Application Analysis and Harmonic Power Analysis
  • Generators
-Include Engine-Driven, PTO, Small Power Plant, Wind, Auto/Start for remote cattle well, residential, commercial and standy.
  • Industrial Engines
-Including diagnostic engine repair and rebuilding for welders, generators and pumps.
  • DC Generators
- Including magnet generators for salvage, traction motors, automative and industrial applications.
  • Trasformes
-AC/DC Drive Application and Buck/Boost Application and design.
  • Welders
-Power supply, Tig-Mig and engine driven diagnostic and repair ( Minor CIRC board level repair)
  • Pumps
-Centrifugal, Jet, Multi Stage/High Pressure, Vain, and Shallow Turbine

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